Kristen Burkin, MSW, Resident in Counseling

Addictions Counselor Kristen was living on the coast of England where she worked with adults and adolescents experiencing issues with addiction before relocating back to Northern Virginia. It was family experiences that led Kristen to this type of work and has led to an increase in empathy for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Kristen feels [...]

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Gioia Chilton, Ph.D., ATR-BC, LCPAT

Creative Groups Facilitator A native of sunny Miami, Florida, Gioia is a refreshing and transformative force for those seeking recovery. Her ability to guide others in using their innate creativity to explore and express themselves, allowing clients profound exposure and encouraging self-reflection.  She has a warm-hearted, cheerful aura and a true gift of creative expression [...]

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Amber Mitton

Human Resources Manager Amber is an integral part of the Sagebrush team and her kind-hearted and genuine spirit shine bright. She is committed to guiding staff and is enthusiastic and invested in their success. She is highly organized and a pro at problem solving. She brings over ten years of experience in the field of [...]

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Christine Chow

Office Manager Christine guides others with genuine compassion and consideration.  She is committed to our holistic approach to treatment and to the exploration of nature’s wisdom.  She is attending Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University in pursuit of her degree in Psychology.  She is a devoted volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide [...]

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Laura First, LCSW-C

Expressive Groups Facilitator  The healing aspects of Laura’s work are rooted in Ancient wisdom and teachings. Those who venture to enhance their recovery journey through movement, song, storytelling and many other forms of creative expression find Laura a willing and helpful guide. She delights in using sound as healing, organic movement that’s both informing and [...]

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Addiction – Brain Disorder or Behavior Issue?

Is Addiction a Brain Disorder or Behavior Issue? For years, arguments have ranged over addiction as a disease or a behavioral issue. Even today, many people think addiction is simply a factor of a lack of self-control. They think the addict is just making poor choices, isn't trying hard enough to get better, or is [...]

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