Randall Drury, MA

Program Assistant Randall was born within the contiguous U.S. and spent his childhood living in various parts of our country (Honolulu, Jacksonville NC, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, and Twentynine Palms). His adolescence/adulthood has been much less transitive; being a Washington metro area resident for several years. Randall enjoys spending time with family, engaging in [...]

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Advantages of Group Therapy in Substance Abuse Treatment

Group Therapy is defined as any type of therapy aimed at creating symptom reduction and recovery in two or more people. It can be as effective as individual therapy, and in some cases even more effective than individual therapy. One advantage of this form of therapy is that it enables people who abuse substances to [...]

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How Substance Abuse Affects the Family

When one member of a family experiences an addiction, it is common that all members of the family will be affected. The sometimes devastating effects can cause weak attachment bonds between parent and child due to emotional distance from the parent, financial difficulties for the family in some cases, as well as a parent being [...]

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Substance Abuse and Homelessness

In many situations, substance abuse can begin as a result of homelessness or can also be a cause of homelessness.  Sometimes, addictive disorders can cause people to lose their jobs or send their relationships with family and friends into a downward spiral. Housing can also be lost if people begin abusing substances or if their [...]

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Maria Maslyanko, MS

Overnight Staff After finishing her undergraduate degree in Finance and graduate degree in Health Services Administration, Maria joined the U.S. Army. While there, she worked as a Behavioral Health Technician. Working with people inspired her to pursue the fields of science and medicine. Once her military obligation was completed, she returned to Virginia to finish [...]

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In The News: A Community Pulls Together

The citizens of Carbon County, Utah have come together in an effort to fight against opioid addiction. According to state health department data, Carbon County has the highest rate of prescription overdose deaths in Utah. Many in the community know at least one person affected by this tragedy--for example, the Carbon County sheriff Jeff Wood [...]

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