What to Do If a Loved One Relapses

Unfortunately, relapse is something that most recovering alcoholics and drug addicts will have to deal with at some point. According to one study that was done, about two-thirds of all recovering addicts end up relapsing within the first year of their recovery. And while the relapse rate dips to just 15 percent after five years [...]

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What Are Opiates And Why Are They Addictive?

What are opiates, and what makes them dangerous? You might have heard about the "opiate crisis." Maybe you've even had someone in your life struggle from opiate addiction. But you also know that opiates are often prescribed by doctors. How could a prescription medication come with so many issues? The answer lies in understanding what [...]

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Richard Pope, CSAC-A

Program Assistant

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How Children Can Cope When They Have Drug Addicted Parents

Drug dependency is nothing new in the United States. In fact, The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism predicts that at least 25% of children under the age of eighteen are exposed to substance abuse while growing up. That means one in four kids are growing up in a home with alcoholic or drug [...]

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What Is Rehab Like? Your Guide to a Day in Rehab

Are you considering treatment options for an alcohol or drug problem? Addiction is a harrowing disease that has been linked to major health risks, including death. In 2015, alcohol-related deaths claimed the lives of 88,000 Americans, according to U.S. News. And, projections for the following year show that drug-related deaths were expected to reach almost [...]

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Vanessa Vergnetti, ND, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer As the CEO and founder of Sagebrush, Vanessa’s vision for healing, growth and recovery are the core of her life’s work.  She is steadfast and dedicated to creating sacred spaces where true transformations can occur.  Her knowledge and expertise in alternative treatments to addictions and other chronic and degenerative diseases have made [...]

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Time to Clear the Debate: Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

As more than 23 million Americans struggle with addiction to one substance or another, there are many critics decrying medical intervention. They wonder "Is addiction a disease or a choice?", and in some cases even legislate based around the idea that it must be a choice. However, our whole frame of thinking should be examined [...]

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