Director of Admissions and Clinical Outreach

Barry brings to Sagebrush 7 years of treatment experience working with substance abuse treatment (in both development and outreach). Barry obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology from East Carolina University and he is currently working toward his LPC. As a child Barry always had a drive to help others which led to his desire to go into healthcare, with a focus on mental health. While growing up in rural Eastern North Carolina, he had the opportunity to shadow under different professionals within the mental healthcare realm. During that experience, he saw where people didn’t know the system protocols, available programs, or the routes of accessibility. He also saw where these populations were underserved and there were social stigmas towards mental health and treatment. From that moment, he gained a passion for developing and representing quality programs, while educating people on routes of accessibility. Throughout the development of his education and professional career, he has had experience with program development, program operations and program outreach. He has also had the opportunity to collaborate on a startup team that developed Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs. He has had the experience to serve the LGBTQ, Substance Abuse and Eating Disorder Communities. He recently relocated to Washington DC to volunteer with Non-Profits that work with awareness and accessibility of Mental Health programs within the current Healthcare Reform. In the past, he has worked as an advocate on capitol hill lobbying for legislation for mental health initiatives. Barry enjoys traveling with his partner and being on the boat with his dog Meesh.