Counseling Supervisor

Candice believes that everybody can change and recover in life. She believes in the sincere importance of self growth, that it is a life long journey. Candice shares an optimistic view with each client and family that she works with. She approaches counseling as a collaborative process that is individualized. She is passionate about being a stable, positive support and providing a safe environment, one in which she can teach skills and reinforce one’s own abilities to overcome obstacles in life. Candice brings light and a freshness of knowledge to recovery. She received her Master’s degree in professional counseling from The University of Georgia. She is also a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Virginia and Georgia. Her southern charm is rooted in being born and raised in Northern Virginia and from residing in Georgia. She has an avid appreciation for the culinary world, appreciating its many zest and flavors. If she is not cooking or watching a romantic comedy in her spare time, she is spending quality time with loved ones. Candice is personable and courteous in her esteemed and gentle guidance.