Yoga Instructor

Dawn is blessed with a devout passion for health and spirituality, which has led her down the holistic path in life.  She is a full-time time therapeutic yoga teacher with over 25 years of yoga experience, with a focus on private therapeutic yoga sessions and group classes in the Washington and Metro DC area.  Along with her therapeutic background, her deeply informed expertise includes Yoga of Recovery, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Depression & Anxiety, Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors through Duke Integrative Medicine and Yoga of the Heart (Cardiac and Cancer) Therapeutic Yoga.  Dawn is pleasant, precise and calm in her intent to become a catalyst for transformation and growth.  She is also the proprietress of East Meets West Yoga Center located in Vienna.  She finds peace in relaxation, moments in her garden and when she travels.  Her ongoing guidance helps individuals discover their individual paths towards a healthier mind, body and spirit.