Creative Groups Facilitator

A native of sunny Miami, Florida, Gioia is a refreshing and transformative force for those seeking recovery. Her ability to guide others in using their innate creativity to explore and express themselves, allowing clients profound exposure and encouraging self-reflection.  She has a warm-hearted, cheerful aura and a true gift of creative expression and spontaneity.  In her art studio filled with moments of laughter, alongside quiet reflection, Gioia invites clients to swim in a rainbow of chalk pastels, watercolors, natural clay and raw materials.  Gioia’s studio allows for personal discovery, creating new avenues for self-expression for even the novice artist.  The basis of her work is rooted in positive psychology, the science of happiness.  She has a unique approach to art therapy incorporating creative writing and poetry, psychodramatic action methods and ecotherapy through the use of an outdoor labyrinth and garden walks.   Gioia’s art room creates a space of comfort, where clients can have fun and be engaged through creation.  Along with authoring numerous research articles on art therapy, she is also a recipient of the 2014 American Creativity Association’s Torrance Research Award for her doctoral research on the artistic expression of emotion.  Gioia’s soothing voice, inviting nature and sheer happiness make her a beautiful addition to the Sagebrush therapeutic team.