Director of Operations

Ingrid brings passion, dedication and consistent guidance to Sagebrush, making her an asset to every facet of the organization.  Her trailblazing style is built upon integrity, compassion and a genuine desire to support each and every person. One of her many gifts is her ability to form connections with others and to anticipate their needs.  She is a mother, photographer, painter, fitness lover and nature enthusiast who adores the ocean and strives to learn to play the guitar.  She is an avid sports fan, watching golf, tennis and especially football rooting for her home team, the New England Patriots, during the winter months. Ingrid has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Zoology from the University of Maine, teaching courses periodically for Fairfax County Public Schools Adult Education program in medical office management and has an extensive work history in business, management and in medical and insurance operations. Ingrid is instrumental in providing wholehearted support and a pragmatic perspective while executing the Sagebrush vison. She uses her skills in team building, respect and play to maintain clarity and direction to the Sagebrush Team.