Business Development Consultant

Jennifer Miela~McDaniel, CADC II, BRI, CFMI, CTP, ICADC, #NC 207996 founder of An Invite to Life, LLC is a certified alcohol and drug counselor, CADC II, Board Registered Interventionist, BRI, Certified Field Model Interventionist, Certified Trauma Professional as well an International Alcoholism and Drug Counselor, ICADC. Jennifer is highly passionate about, treatment, intervention and recovery herself. She created An Invite to Life, LLC to help families and their loved ones heal through their current crisis and into the future starting with the process of intervention.

Since 1996, Jennifer’s expertise and experience has her perfectly poised to continue to achieve her diverse work as a crisis interventionist, a trauma specialist and recovery companion for every kind of client. Her excellence with communication strategies, strategic planning, and redesigning curriculum with a multidisciplinary approach at a moment’s notice has made her an accomplished woman in the recovery industry.

Jennifer received her training and certifications from the best interventionists and clinical psychologists in the country on multiple styles of crisis intervention methodologies. They include Jane Mintz’s-FMI-The Field Model of Intervention, the grandfather of intervention models, Dr. Vern Johnson-The Johnson Model, The Ed Storti Model as well as the Invitational Model via the Breakthrough Model with Brad Lamm. Jennifer also became a graduate of The Spirit to Spirit Training through Ms. Judy Crane and The Refuge Educational Program.

Jennifer began her career in 1993 with the opening, direction and business development of three residential treatment programs in Orange County California.   Since that time Jennifer has also held positions from case manager to Television Talk Show Host to Chairman of the Board for her native Orange County area recovery non-profits. Jennifer’s heart remains open as she evolves in her work with unresolved trauma survivors into resolution being a believer of “Unresolved trauma = Unresolved Recovery.”