Addictions Counselor

Kristen was living on the coast of England where she worked with adults and adolescents experiencing issues with addiction before relocating back to Northern Virginia. It was family experiences that led Kristen to this type of work and has led to an increase in empathy for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Kristen feels a sense of satisfaction when there is openness and honesty throughout the therapist/client relationship, allowing the individual to thrive. Drawing inspiration from nature, as well as authentic people living their truth, Kristen brings all aspects of herself into each session. This allows her sense of humor to meld with her compassion to create interactive interventions that assist in creating a sense of openness in her clients. When not at Sagebrush, Kristen loves to work closely with animals, previously working with an elephant rescue in Thailand, and presently volunteering at a Mastiff dog rescue facility. She is also a part of a book club for insightful women, loves to travel and try new recipes, and fills her life with flavor and fun!