Director of Human Resources

Human Capital Institute-certified, Strategic Human Resources Business Partner, Michael Gul is a hardened Human Resources Management (HRM) professional with over 13 years of HRM leadership experience in training and human capital management. Michael has extensive international experience in the U.S. Government, as well as foreign governments, non-profit and private sector institutions. He has worked in more than 20 countries around the world by providing HRM consulting and services, designing more than 500 curricula, training, mentoring programs, and coaching more than 1,000 professionals on various topics. Michael is an expert in HR strategic planning, as well as in development of a total rewards philosophy and administration of compensation and benefits. He is a proud author of unique customized performance management processes, which were successfully executed in more than 10 organizations. Michael has more than a decade of experience in employment branding, employee value proposition development, talent acquisition, employee engagement and talent management processes globally and in the U.S. He wrote his dissertation, Gender Violence and Discrimination in Developing Countries in 2003, and received his Ph.D.-equivalent degree from Cairo Demographic Center in Egypt. Michael is multilingual, and speaks 7 languages.