Certified Hypnotherapist

Stacy’s warmth, gentle approach, humor and emotional strength create a welcoming, safe and nurturing atmosphere at Sagebrush.  By connecting through alternative and integrative healing modalities, she helps clients find purpose in life.  Her pleasant calmness, relaxing aura and soft-hearted energy set the tone the moment you step into her transformative space.  As a Certified Hypnotist, Stacy is devoted to a profession that focuses upon vision, one that guides clients in visualizing a positive change and calm surroundings.   A connoisseur of life, Stacy spends quality time in her garden and exploring nature during her long walks.  No matter what the day holds, she makes time for laughter and music. Stacy fosters self-discovery and joyful living, helping others improve the quality of life and flourish in their own states of peace and tranquility.  Her inherent goodness and intuitive gifts are manifested in her transformative work and in her spiritual nature.