A study was conducted among pharmacists in South Africa, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to analyze their opinions and expertise regarding codeine misuse. Codeine is one of the most widely available opiates across the world—and it is available as an over the counter drug in all three of the aforementioned countries (mostly in lower dosages or in combination products). Although codeine is used for its antitussive, anti-diarrheal, or analgesic properties in a medical capacity, it can change into recreational use if users develop a dependence on the drug. The study revealed that there were some inter-country differences such as codeine misusers in South Africa preferring the more prevalent syrup form, and misusers in Ireland and the UK preferring the tablet form, but pharmacist in all three countries agreed that codeine misuse was a problem among their customers. Findings of the study also showed that pharmacists desired more professional trainings. With evidence that codeine misuse is increasingly becoming an issue in these countries, efforts are being aimed at risk management, surveillance, and increased regulation.