Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

Our holistic addiction treatment programs are designed to treat a people from the whole body perspective. We offer a variety of methods to address the needs of the mind, body and spirit and strive to uncover and find answers to the root causes of addiction. Our outpatient and residential programs provides holistic addiction care by offering art therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, massage, spiritual counseling, healing touch and energy work in addition to evidenced based treatment.
Generally, holistic resources supports addiction treatment and recovery through:

  • Providing knowledge and awareness of the “whole” self – body, mind, emotion and spirit
  • Helping clients explore each aspect of self and how it affects overall health and well-being
  • Addressing and transforming patterns, behaviors, emotions and beliefs that perpetuate addiction
  • Enabling a client to become more present and develop greater self-awareness
  • Integrating a client’s healing through experiential and somatic work
  • Teaching clients how to facilitate their own healing process
  • Offering tools which support a person on their path through recovery, from active addiction to sobriety and beyond
  • Empowering clients to believe they can create change in their lives

Recovery is a reclaiming of the self. Giving clients an understanding of the “whole” self and the knowledge and awareness of the tools that can help access the various aspects of self, offers a greater possibility of moving fluidly through recovery. Clients are more able to understand and cope with what is arising as they move through the stages of change, self-exploration and creating a new life with holistic modalities that have been found to be beneficial for addiction treatment and recovery.

Holistic Treatment For Drug Addiction

Holistic treatment for drug addiction is a cornerstone one of the core components of Sagebrush’s treatment model. Aligned with the belief that true recovery is the healing of the human spirit, our holistic model is designed to support people as they move through their individual journey. We do not follow the traditional “medical model” and do implement a variety of healing techniques to support the body’s ability to remove alcohol and drug toxins naturally. We believe that minimal to no medication is preferable in most cases and consult with our medical doctor regularly. The Components of physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health and healing are incorporated in our holistic addiction treatment programs.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Center Mission

The mission of Sagebrush is to transform and reignite the human spirit by helping those who desire to be free from addiction a way to repair and thrive in their lives, families and communities.

The start of a new life begins when you reach out.
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