What happens when some people begin to feel that major health institutions and prescription drugs just aren’t their cup of tea? When they can feel that their overall health is just not being improved by their sporadic attempts at making and following through with doctors appointments? That is when the long trek back to nature, the path less traveled that must be cleared of brush and shrubbery begins. They also go inside and travel back to themselves–away from the constant voices of the mitote[1] telling them how recovery and healing “should be done.”

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), some Americans are starting to relieve their chronic pain, stress, and other ailments through alternative forms of medicine. Founder of “Four Flower Wellness” in the Chicago area stated that when she has a cold or flu, she uses herbs such as ginger, green onion, cinnamon, and more to heal herself. This holistic formula is so effective, that she could count on her condition changing within 24 hours. However, healing physical symptoms merely scratches the surface for many.

There are also alternative ways to heal emotional, spiritual, and psychological trauma that is buried deep within many people due to a myriad of life events. When you treat the whole person and not just the symptoms, the root of the problem can be chopped down, and make for a healthier, more whole person–mind, body and spirit. Singing, art, music, journaling, releasing, aromatherapy, dancing, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, and energy healing are just a few forms of traveling the path back to one’s inner nature. These holistic practices repair past and current trauma, help produce better behavior patterns, and enhance the overall quality of life of those brave enough to take the path.


[1] Mitote comes from ancient Toltec wisdom as it is explained in the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Mitote is described as the inner voices all of us deal with on a daily basis.


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