Over 20,000 newborn babies were born with signs of withdrawal in 2012.

Pregnant mothers tend to avoid treatment because of intense shame and fear of judgment. This could be in part because most treatment centers are designed for men.

Studies conducted at Harvard Medical School show gender differences are greatly impacting the success of treatment. For example, while men are more likely to become addicted, women are more likely to stay addicted.

Many factors affect a females battle against drug dependency. Issues such as gender discrimination, PTSD, sexual abuse, and low-self esteem are more prevalent among women.

Oftentimes, these circumstances can lead to a drug dependency or addiction. To make matters worse, social pressures and stress cause women to be more prone to relapse.

Finding a gender-specific treatment facility will set you up for success. The recovery program will be designed with you in mind.

Let’s look at 3 of the benefits of finding a women’s only rehab center.

1. Women’s Only Centers Elevate Self-Esteem

Research has proven women enter treatment with lower levels of self-esteem than men. Traditional treatment centers have a confrontational approach for new patients.

Many male-focused centers have a tough love approach to recovery. This can be a very healthy approach for an overly confident male drug abuser.

The “in your face” approach that works with men could end up retraumatizing a woman. Women respond better to less aggressive therapy approaches. Holistic approaches such as yoga and meditation will be considerably more effective.

2. Feeling Comfortable to Share

Finding a women’s only center means being able to work out your issues while also feeling safe. You can also seek out a rehab facility that offers holistic remedies.

Holistic remedies allow you to set medication aside and focus on spirituality. These types of therapies create a warm and safe environment. One where any woman feels comfortable to share.

As you become in touch with inner-self you can change your behaviors. You’ll be able to identify harmful thinking patterns that reinforce negative habits. Once you can identify these thinking patterns, you can take action to break free of them.

3. Identify Gender Specific Relapse Risks

A women’s only center will help address relapse risks exclusive to women. Relapses occur when a desired behavioral change becomes lost again. Some of the gender-specific relapse risks you’ll address will include:

  • Stress from gender discrimination
  • Sexual assault
  • Low-self-esteem
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Abusive relationships

Of course, both males and females experience these issues. However, women are more likely to have a relapse when they occur. Gender-specific treatment facilities can help prepare women to face these obstacles.

Finding the Right Center for You

Here at Sagebrush, we provide a kind and friendly women’s only treatment program. Our environment is loving, warm, and peaceful to help you feel at home. We believe recovery and healing are best supported in a compassionate setting.

Please visit our blog to help answer any questions or concerns you might have about treatment. You can also call us to get a confidential assessment for immediate help.