Are your children fast approaching their troublesome teen years? High school is filled with many temptations that you don’t want them falling victim too. Their friends can be very persuasive, that’s why you need to teach them good decision skills.

Letting them know you trust them to make these good decisions, learning how to argue with them properly, and letting them use you as on out are all ways to make sure they’ll be ready to peer pressure.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 ways to keep them out of the vile clutches of negative influences and pressure.

1. Teach them the Importance of Good Choices

You need to make sure that they know that bad decisions will lead to horrible consequences. You also need to let them make the bad decisions so they can learn and grow from them.

When they make these tiny bad decisions they will be more likely to become more cautious about their choices later on.

2. Don’t Argue Over their Friendship Choices

When you make a big fuss over who your child is friends with, they are more likely to rebel and make bad choices with them.

Instead, you can express your concern while still telling them you love them and will support them regardless. You’ll see better results this way.

3. Let them Know you Trust them to Make Good Decisions

Kids who have supportive parents are more likely to make better decisions. They tend to want to live up to their parent’s expectations so if you just set them up to fail, then they probably will.

If you tell them you love them and let them know that you trust them then chances are, they won’t want to disappoint you.

4. Learn How to Properly Argue

When you’re arguing with your teen there is a certain way that you need to go about it. First off, don’t dismiss them as arrogant, leave room for them to make their point.

There is a difference between arguing and fighting and you want your teen to know how to argue. To make sure they do this, every argument should be a debate, don’t raise your voice. If you feel yourself getting angry, take a moment to chill and then end the argument as soon as you can.

5. Let Them Use You as an Out

Sometimes a child will cave to peer pressure because they don’t want their friends to think that they’re lame. If they’re scrambling for an excuse then they may just give in.

Let them know that they can use you for that out. For example being able to say “Well mom made dinner so I can’t go.” or, “One time I did something kind of like that and my dad went ballistic!”

This sets you up as the bad guy but it’s better than your child getting into serious trouble.

Helping Your Child Avoid Peer Pressure

The goal of raising a child is to make sure they are better than you ever were. It’s important that you take measures to make sure they don’t fall victim to peer pressure. It starts with you.

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