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Transitional Living House

Sagebrush understands the importance of people of all ages having a safe, sober, place of support while embracing their newfound sobriety, and proudly offers this to clients who are in need.  Our 8-bed transitional living house is found in Vienna, Virginia, and provides all the comforts of home coupled with the security of knowing there is a supportive system in place to provide an additional layer of structure while engaging in our holistic and evidence-based curriculum at the Sagebrush outpatient facility.

Our gorgeous co-ed living home is a spacious four-story house set in a peaceful neighborhood to allow for growth and comfort during this next phase of life.  You will be warmly welcomed into the community, celebrating your individual needs and providing opportunities to develop and enhance life skills necessary to maintaining sobriety.

Our exceptional transitional living team is highly adept in providing the necessary freedom to begin integrating the newly learned skills into everyday life, while also creating boundaries and offering the guidance needed to preserve and develop these new skills. Sagebrush transitional living house is all-inclusive and employs a private chef to assist in the preparation and planning of meals, taking into careful consideration all dietary needs.

Throughout your stay at our transitional living house, you will experience the compassion, comfort, and nurturing environment necessary to supplement the foundation of sobriety that has been built.  Transportation will be provided to the Sagebrush outpatient facility, where you will engage in our compelling and clinically rich outpatient programs. Our highly trained clinical team will construct the most effective treatment plan for each client, integrating the individual needs of the client into their holistic treatment plan.