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Family and Multi-family Programs

The family is a sacred unit that is enveloped in a unique personal history, circumstances, and challenges. When one person in a family constellation suffers with addiction, each member is affected and understandably harbors a multitude of unresolved concerns and feelings. At times, it may seem as if the challenges that you face as a family are insurmountable. Please know that tremendous hope and healing await you. Research has shown that the best addiction treatment includes family treatment; each member of a family is interconnected whether or not she/he lives in the same household or resides in another state. Invisible emotional bonds exist between family members regardless of proximity or distance. We all carry members of our immediate families and our extended families in our hearts.

Residential Concerned Others Group

This group is held on Sundays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Family members are educated about the disease of addiction and recovery in a format that incorporates much of the information that their loved one is processing during their residential treatment stay at Sagebrush. The goal is to help family members understand the recovery process while providing on-going support.  This is an opportunity to ask questions of our clinical team and get additional information about the treatment process.

Multi-family Therapy

This is held exclusively on Sundays from 1:00 pm through 3:00 pm. Powerful and heartfelt interactions occur during this time, as families and designated friends bond, grow, and support the individual in recovery. Through these psycho-educational process oriented groups, families realize the universality of their experience; learn healthy communication skills; give and receive invaluable feedback from others; gain remarkable personal insight and awareness related to their family member in recovery, all the while, enveloped in the support and acceptance of others. During this time of small groups, lectures, videos and personal exercises, families learn about the disease of addiction and why it has taken them to this place. You and your family members will gain a deeper understanding of addiction and its consequences.

Your commitment to your profound healing and the healing of your loved one in treatment is truly honored. Please know that the family healing that begins, while your loved one is in residential treatment, is the first step to recovery. A fluid progression to Sagebrush outpatient treatment subsequently may occur and is highly recommended for continued recovery.  While your loved one is receiving treatment, we recommend that you pursue your own treatment at our Outpatient office in McLean with one of our therapists.

Family Visitation

Families, upon recommendation of the client’s primary therapist, also have the opportunity to visit with their loved ones after attending the Multi-family Therapy Group, either within the lovely residence or on the lush grounds that surround the residential facility. By working through hard feelings and pain, families can become healthier. Understanding what addiction is, courageously addressing the issues that are unresolved and learning new ways to communicate can bring a renewed sense of hope for the future.