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Ancillary Outpatient Services

Sagebrush offers a variety of therapeutic services for clients, in addition to traditional psychotherapy. Listed below are other services we offer.

Art Therapy

At Sagebrush, we use Art Therapy as a primary modality in the treatment of addiction. It is offered in both individual and group settings. Clients work with a professional art therapist to create art for therapeutic purposes. Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others, cope with post-acute withdrawal symptoms, de-stress, and process traumatic experiences.  Our art therapists also focus on helping clients enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art while enabling character strengths, such as creativity, to come forth within a supportive setting.

Our art therapists are professionals trained in both art and therapy. They are knowledgeable about human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spiritual, multicultural and artistic traditions and the healing potential of art.


Through hypnotherapy sessions, clients are able to work at the subconscious level to overcome old thought patterns in order to release limiting beliefs. In doing so, clients are able to rewire the neural network patterns of the brain, overcome limiting beliefs and accept new, healthier, empowering beliefs. These empowering beliefs become part of the subconscious mind as tools to be used on the path of recovery.

The sessions integrate the work of Energy Therapy as well. This type of hypnotherapy session heightens the experience of alpha brainwaves, which are produced when the body becomes calm and the mind is completely relaxed. Alpha brainwaves allow thinking to become slower, the mind to become clearer and the client to become slightly drowsy. The body will experience zero stress, tension, anxiety or any other feelings of nervousness. It is ultimately through incorporating a client’s spirituality with Energy Therapy and Hypnotherapy that true psychosomatic health is achieved. Working on a subconscious level as well as an energetic level brings about mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.


At Sagebrush, our yoga teachers are open to teaching a variety of yoga styles to allow each student to flourish. Knowing that each individual is unique and that not just one style of yoga fits all, we honor the differences and similarities. We celebrate the uniqueness of each client, and clients’ requests are heard and responded to positively. We provide classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Gentle yoga postures.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has long been a modality used to relax, calm and de-stress the body and mind. Our massage therapists are well trained in performing massage on people recovering from chemical dependencies. Many of our clients have experienced physical or sexual traumas in the past, and our massage therapists are sensitive to these issues and will customize their services to ensure each client feels comfortable, safe and nurtured.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Direction is an ancient form of spiritual development where two or more people talk about the meaning of events in their lives and their relationship with the divine. Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for you to be in a loving, nonjudgmental space where you can explore your deepest questions about life, events in your life, your perceptions and the meaning you make of life. All of these questions are contemplated in the context of your relationship to the divine, however the divine is conceptualized by you. Other labels for Spiritual Direction include spiritual mentoring, spiritual peacemaking and living life as a metaphor.

Energy Therapy

As beings created by the creative force of the universe, we all have access to an unlimited source of energy. While the current scientific understanding of the material world recognizes that everything that exists is energy vibrating at various frequencies, our Western belief system has not caught up with the scientific understanding. Humans can retain or develop the ability to access Source Energy and guide it in ways that promote light, life and love. One label for this work is “energy work.” Energy work sessions provide deep relaxation and rejuvenation to assist individuals in living their life to the fullest. Energy work sessions are useful to get through difficult times as well as to maintain optimal functioning.