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Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)

In order to provide additional structure and support for clients stepping down from our PHP and residential programs, Sagebrush offers three adult intensive outpatient therapy programs: three mornings a week, three evenings a week, or five days a week. These programs allow clients to receive exceptional treatment while maintaining their work, school and family commitments, while learning to live a sober and healthy lifestyle. The programs are facilitated in a group format, led by our addiction and therapy specialists to overcome barriers to recovery.

We address topics such as relapse prevention, addiction education, relationship issues, co-dependency, communication skills, conflict resolution, boundaries, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, anger management, impulse control, dual diagnosis, trauma, and early recovery. We utilize evidenced interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT, motivational interviewing, strength-based therapies, and seeking safety. We also utilize experiential techniques including art therapy, guided imagery, mindfulness, progressive relaxation, and other movement therapies.

Sagebrush uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to create a deep and sustainable sense of health and well-being for our clients. Our integrative approach merges the twelve-step model of recovery with a unique combination of innovative and traditional therapies to create a clinically rich treatment program.