Co-ed Residential Treatment

Sagebrush provides individualized treatment catered to the needs of men and women who are beginning their journey to recovery by seeking residential drug and alcohol treatment.  Nestled in a community in Vienna, Virginia, this eight-bed treatment home provides an intimate, homelike environment in which men and women can be vulnerable and open, exploring all aspects of emotion focused treatment in a healing, supportive, and compassionate surrounding.  Our co-ed residential facility accepts adult women from age 18 and up.

Sagebrush utilizes an array of therapeutic techniques designed to aid men and women in identifying the root cause of their addictions, encouraging true recovery.  True recovery is centered in the healing of the human spirit.  It is the recognition that everyone has the right to live freely, joyously and fully.  It is the ability to have a successful work life and satisfying relationships.  It is the awareness that life can be experienced deeply, lovingly, and peacefully.

Our exceptional clinical team creates a treatment program specific to the needs of men and women early in recovery, focusing on each client’s needs to offer highly individualized treatment.  The Sagebrush residential team has been skillfully trained to provide an extraordinary level of comfort while maintaining individualized care in a safe space.  In our eight-bed co-ed residential treatment facility, we offer primarily private bedrooms with shared bathrooms.  We also offer one shared room with the benefit of a large adjoining bathroom.

Our co-ed residential treatment facility is an exceptionally intimate and warm environment in which to begin your recovery. Sagebrush uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques.  We offer a compelling and clinically rich treatment program that integrates a holistic approach meant to achieve lasting results.  Our highly trained clinical team routinely collaborate to create the most comprehensive and effective treatment program for each client.  We strive to explore and understand each person’s story of addiction so we can individualize the care each client receives.  Clients are provided three individual sessions per week with their primary therapist, and will engage in therapeutic groups throughout the day.  Our treatment plans are designed to incorporate healing and recovery for experiences of trauma, family dynamics, intimacy and relationships, communication and a wide variety of other issues.

Co-ed Drug Rehab

We believe a holistic treatment approach, coupled with individual psychotherapy work, can lead to a life of sobriety and allow for recovery.  In our co-ed residential home, there is an emphasis on community, which is vital in making connections with others.  We provide individualized treatment, specifically designed to address and deal with issues women encounter in addiction and recovery.

Sagebrush is staffed by clinicians who are highly educated in the needs of both men and women with addiction issues.  The structured and supportive environment enables men and women to learn the skills necessary to developing self-confidence, creating and accomplishing goals, and achieving and maintaining a long term, successful recovery program.  Our staff members have an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients, and work to empower them begin a life of sobriety.

Aftercare Program 

Aftercare planning is a crucial element to treatment and a very important part of our program.  Our team collaborates to research and design an effective aftercare program that will allow the client to leave Sagebrush with a detailed plan, outlining a support system of structure that will lead the client through their journey to a sober and healthy lifestyle.  Sagebrush proudly offers a women’s sober living facility to aid in the creation of a successful aftercare plan, allowing for a safe and sober environment while integrating your newfound recovery skills into your life.